Career Transition Support Services

Includes Dismissal Planning and Management Support
(formerly know as Outplacement services)

It is always difficult making a decision that an employee must be dismissed. While it is difficult, it is necessary for the well being of the other employees and the company as a whole. Most of these dismissals are done "without cause". It is wise to consult your legal counsel and make sure you are aware of the current provincial labour laws. Our consultant assists you with planning the dismissal, offering you support with tried and true strategies for a smooth and professional process. The dismissed employee receives immediate support in dealing with the emotional issues and professional support in resume preparation, job search and career transition, depending upon the length of the program.

Benefits of Dismissal Planning & Career Transition Services

For the dismissed employee, this Career Transition service is one of the most supportive things you can do for an employee you have transitioned out.

For the company, you provide a much needed service to the departing employee.